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Friday, June 30, 2023
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Friday, September 15, 2023
Council Golf Day in Ireland
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2021 Annual Report
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The Council's Mission Statement

The Ireland - U.S. Council for Commerce & Industry, Inc. was founded in 1963. The purpose of this Council is to build business links between America and Ireland. The Council was started by American and Irish business leaders. In pursuit of its aim, the Council hosts frequent events in Ireland and in the United States. The Council also operates a variety of scholarship and student internship programs, stages occasional seminars and, from time to time, undertakes various publishing initiatives in national business media in the United States to promote closer commercial connections between Ireland and America. The Council seeks also to focus on activities that will develop communications, dialogue and improved understanding between leaders in business and government on both sides of the Atlantic.

The Council is a non-profit organization and has no partisan, political or religious aims or affiliations. Considerations on such issues do not affect qualifications for membership, which is purely voluntary.
The membership ranks of the Council are comprised predominantly of senior executives in business corporations in America and Ireland—industrialists, merchants and bankers. The Council also draws membership support from representatives of the legal, accounting and engineering professions. Honorary membership is accorded, by tradition, to both the Ambassador of the United States to Ireland and the Ambassador of Ireland to the United States.

The Council is a national organization with headquarters in New York City. The Council maintains a permanent office in Dublin, Ireland.

The Council sponsors a variety of programs and activities during the course of each year. Members are informed of Council-sponsored events and initiatives through a program of regular communications.

Annual Student Work Experience Scholarship program
An Annual Student Work Experience Scholarship program is operated by the Council in which undergraduates from Irish Universities are assigned temporarily to work in American corporations.

The Council also operates a program for post-graduate American students who work as management interns for companies in Ireland.

Activites in Ireland
Each year, Council members visit Ireland. The itineraries of these visits are structured to include briefings of visiting Council members on topics of current interest by Cabinet Ministers, senior Government officials and prominent Irish business people.

Activities in the United States
In the U.S., the Council also sponsors regular luncheon meetings and other events to host distinguished visitors. The Council stages an annual Winter Meeting in Florida each February.

Award for Outstanding Achievement
Through its Award for Outstanding Achievement, presented each year at the Annual Dinner, the Council honors persons who have made significant contributions to the development of closer economic, business or commercial ties between the two countries. The Council's Annual Award is a citation of distinction which has been presented to some of the leading figures in Ireland and in the United States.

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